Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SF DFi Hack Select Your Choice v2

Note: Do not rename the DLL or autoshutdown will occur Thank You,And Download First The Old Hackshield To Make Non-Error

To Make Non-Error And Avoiding Ban,Download This Old Hackshield:

Visual Hack:
-2D BOX & Crosshair: DOWNLOAD Now !

Boosting Hack:
-XP x2: DOWNLOAD Now !
-xp X3: DOWNLOAD Now !
-XP x5: DOWNLOAD Now !
-XP 10898: DOWNLOAD Now !
-SP Bunos(4000%): DOWNLOAD Now !

Weapon Hack:
-No Recoil/spread: DOWNLOAD Now !
-Unli Ammo: DOWNLOAD Now ! (NUM1 To Activate)
-No Weapon Weight: DOWNLOAD Now !
-Unli + Rapid Fire: DOWNLOAD Now ! (Num4 to Activate)
-Rapid Slash + Fast Change : DOWNLOAD Now ! (Num5 to Activate)

Player Hack:
-SpeedHack: DOWNLOAD Now ! (NUM2 To Activate)
-Jump Hack: DOWNLOAD Now ! ( NUM3 To Activate )

-Auto Win: DOWNLOAD Now !
-Auto Win + 10898 EXP + 10000% SP: DOWNLOAD Now !

How to do Auto Win: Must be Host, Create Single Battle and Players(4) must be in one side only then start the game.

Enjoy LH Members Select and Own the Game.

Guys Don't Forget To Say Thankyou!