Friday, March 22, 2013

[Release] PHC v4-1 @LeechHacks

Maligayang pagdating mga Kabayan!

Gabay sa paggamit ng hack:

1. I-run ang hack "As Administrator"
2. I-type ang inyong Username at Password dito sa PHCheats at i-click ang "Login"
3. I-check ang mga features na nais gamitin at i-click ang "Save"
4. I-run ang SF at mag-login
5. I-click ang "Inject" button
6. I-click ang "SF Start Game" button

Hot Keys:
Left Ctrl - walk through walls
Left Shift - Aimbot
Letter F - Copy Weapon
Middle Mouse - Teleport
F9 - Save Tele Position
F12 - Return to position

for "ERROR 0" here tut to make it work 
1. go to your calendar
2. change time and date settings
3. internet time >> click change setting..
4. click update now 
5. make sure na successful update cya 
6. done!